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Conscious Parenting Advocate
Books I use in my parenting classes

Courses I recommend (besides my own!)

Dr. Shefali teleseminar - Level One
4 hours of audio and video recordings from the author of The Conscious Parent
This course covers:
  • The foundations of conscious parenting
  • The way to start creating conscious changes with your children
  • The steps to raise yourself into a higher state of consciousness

Dr. Shefali's video library
Education for the next generation
Love and Logic has many practical DVD's available

The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents
Guiding your children to success and fulfillment
by Deepak Chopra

Videos I recommend 
I'm reading right now    The Gardener and the Carpenter by Alison Gopnik 
                                                    What the new science of child development tells us about the relationship
                                                    between parents and children