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Conscious Parenting Advocate

Conscious parenting is bringing that same awareness and mindfulness as you respond to your child rather than react. It requires being clear about your boundaries and your values.

Conscious parenting includes seeing your child as a unique individual (not your mini-me). You are their guide. With clear and enforceable boundaries, you can let them run, play, dance, create and learn freely. 

As a retired Life Purpose Coach & Parent Coach, I advocate for Conscious Parenting. If you work with children and would like a better relationship with the children's parents, I am available to offer you some nuggets of what I have learned about Conscious Parenting and teaching Emotional Intelligence. 

I also offer customized parenting workshops.

I am grateful to be living in today's world with so many inspiring friends, mentors and teachers. Sure, life can be challenging ... I aim to navigate it with peace and compassion, being helpful where I can.

I am an active grandma, devotional singer and appreciator of Nature. I aim to elevate myself and others with faith in our divine nature along with continuous curiosity in our human experience.
Conscious living is being aware of all aspects of your being 
(physical, mental, emotional & spiritual)
as you mindfully respond (rather than react) in situations, 
aligned with your values and purpose.

As you teach them emotional intelligence, your child develops an honest and authentic relationship with him/herself, with others and with you. 

If you're a parent of a teenager, I ​encourage you to continue teaching emotional intelligence so that as they become more & more independent, they have emotional and practical skills to form meaningful relationships and navigate into young adulthood with a sense of Self.